Young women feel more exhausted by work

Posted on february, 15th 2018

Recently an article was published on the dutch news website on how young women feel more exhausted by work. It’s very interesting to see how common it is to feel stress. But how do you prevent that stress turns into a burnout? 

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The Article on states:

“A fifth of women between the ages of 25 and 35 feel psychologically exhausted by their work. They feel empty at least a few times a month at the end of the working day, or have to get back to work early in the morning. Mental fatigue is more common in this group than in women of other ages and in men, according to research by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) and research agency TNO.”

The Article on

“The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) has researched that in 2016, more than 18 percent of female employees aged 25 to 35 suffered from psychological fatigue due to work.”

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