5 tips to reduce stress

Do you have too much stress? Do you feel empty and exhausted? You do not feel like that for nothing. The signals that your body and your mind are giving you at this moment are going to help you to learn something new. About yourself, your thoughts, your priorities in life and the choices you make. Here are a few important tips that you can get started yourself.

Tip 1: Sleeping is important

If you have a good night’s sleep, you can process the stimuli you have gained during the day. If you can not sleep because your head continues to grind, take a cup of warm milk or tea before going to bed and put some soft, quiet music on when you go to your bed. Bring your attention to the music. Every time your head wanders off, force yourself to listen to the music again.

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Tip 2: Stress and stimuli are part of life

The point is that you take time to deal with the stress and stimuli. You can “recharge” yourself by doing fun things that make you feel relaxed. Listen carefully to the signals from your body. For example: if you feel tired, take a moment to rest.

Tip 3: Stop your own thoughts if you are too busy

Usually our thoughts are trying to convince us that if we don’t do an activity, things go wrong. But is that really true? Ask yourself this question: must I do this now?

Must = Am I obliged to do something or will something crash horribly if I don’t do it? (be honest!)

I = Am I the only one who can do it? Can someone else do this?

Do = Is not doing it also an option? What is important to me now? What do I need myself?

This = Is it important to me?

Now = Is it a priority? Can it be done in a few days/months as well?

Tip 4: Try to let go of your tendency to exercise control

Only do what is really necessary and focus on what you need to feel good about yourself. Once you feel powerful again, you can also be there for others.

Tip 5: Sometimes it is necessary to seek help

You can break the downward spiral that you are in. By sincerely looking at your own choices and habits you will soon feel better. Tjongeroog Training Institute specializes in helping people to gain insight into their own behavior and habits.

What can you do yourself to quickly regain your strength? Tjongeroog training sessions are individual or in groups. Contact us for more information. We can also help you if you’re not a native dutch speaker.

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